MSSPI June 2011 Team News

If feels like summer is here already, it has been hot one here in the south and speaking of hot, David and Shelly attended the Haunted America Conference held June 10th through the 11th. This is an annual conference hosted every year by American Ghost Society founder Troy Taylor and his crew. This year it was held in Jacksonville Illinois and it did not disappoint.

It was opened up this year, by none other than, Len Adams (vice president of the AGS) with his Strange Stuff segment that had everyone busting at the seams. Strange stuff is a great kick off to the conference and one we look forward to every year we attend.

There was a plethora of speakers this year from not only Troy Taylor him self but there were presentations done by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, April Slaughter, Patrick Burns, Nick Spantgos, Derrick Ward, and Tiffany Johnson. Every presentation was eye-opening, some had us clinging to our seats and some had us crying in the isles. We always walk away with new perspectives and outlooks on the paranormal field. We learned new techniques about EVP, equipment , paranormal misperceptions, Djinn, The Lemps (of notoriously haunted Lemp Mansion in Missouri), and the psychic connections and how it fits in with everyday life.

The vendor area was rocking! So many vendors and things to purchase I thought David was going to have to drag me out of there kicking and screaming. There was so much to look at and purchase and I walked away with a few new books and trinkets. Spookapalooza had a fantastic booth with all kinds of cool things from coffin trinket boxes to t-shirts and all the proceeds from their sales went to St. Jude children’s hospital of Memphis, TN. The Spookapalooza ladies, Brandi Kristen and Laura Richter did an awesome job! Hats off to these two ladies!

This was one of the most educational and informative conferences put on by the American Ghost Society and if you missed it don’t worry they will be back again next year and back in Decatur, Illinois with a fantastic line up of speakers and new topics! Info will be coming soon on next years event, but don’t fret we will keep you up to date on that!

Angela of MSSPI was honored to be a guest speaker on the P.H.A.T. Ladies of the Paranormal Radio show on the para-x network on June 6th. If you havn’t tuned in to their radio show, hosted by Lee Anne Ball and other great para ladies, then please visit the para-x radio network at www.para-x.com for show schedules. The PHAT Ladies will post a pod cast of the show very soon just in case you missed it.

On another note, be sure to join us if you can July 12th, 2011 at 6 PM at the Brandon Public Library in Brandon, MS. We will be doing a presentation on the ins and outs of paranormal investigations and how history fits into paranormal research. This event is FREE to the public. Contact us or the Brandon Public Library for any additional information. We look forward to seeing you there!

MSSPI has positions open for team membership. We are looking to add new members for both our Southern and Northern Teams and are looking for dedicated researchers and investigators. This time we are looking specifically for members with historical research skills, as well as Camera Operator/audio,video experience and Equipment Building skills. If you are interested in membership with MSSPI, please visit our website for more details.



MSSPI has concluded all the data review of a private residence in Panola County and will be scheduling a reveal later this week with the client.

The investigation II and review of the Ellisville, MS private residence has been concluded and the client was pleased with the outcome and has been able to find closure. This investigation included our first ever experiment with a medium. MSSPI does not normally work with mediums, but do to client request we decided to call one in on this investigation.

Psychic Medium and Reiki Master Jamie Roth of Jackson Ms. was a guest consultant on the last Ellisville investigation with MSSPI’s Southern Team. Mrs. Roth went into the home with no prior knowledge of the client or the claims and it was reported to us by the client after the investigation that Mrs. Roth was 90% correct in her findings. The client was very pleased with her performance and professionalism and expressed her thanks to Mrs. Roth and the MSSPI Southern team for their help. You can find out more about Jamie Roth and her Intuitive Encounters Expo on the MSSPI Calender of Events or visit her personal website at http://www.intuitiveencounters.com

Team members will be going next week to do a reveal of the Southaven MS private residence. This is a place we always get good evidence at. This is the 4th investigation we have done there and it never lets us down. You can read more about these cases on our website and our previous newsletters.

MSSPI also has upcoming cases open and pending in Grenada and Mendenhall and we will keep you informed of our progress on these cases, in next months news letter.


MSSPI is currently doing some page remodeling on our main website and we appreciate your patience while we are updating our layout. There are still a few pages in Case Files which we are working to correct.

Join our MSSPI Forum boards at http://www.mississippi.spi.proboards.com to discuss paranormal related subjects and ask questions. It is FREE to join.

We have some great new feature stories this month for your enjoyment and be sure to stop by our website http://www.mississippi-spi.com as well as our other pages dedicated to cemetery restoration and literature. This months feature stories were submitted by our friends, Brian Riley of Mississippi Paranormal Society and Paula Hayes of The Mississippi SPARS Team. MSSPI wishes to thank them for their participation in our newsletter.

Remember if you have a strange story, legend, or haunted place related to Mississippi or you want to submit your team info to be featured in our newsletter, send your inquiries to Angela at angelamsspi@gmail.com or to our team email at mississippi.spi@gmail.com for consideration.

Submission Guidelines. all entries must be submitted in rtf or doc format. We cannot open or use docx or pdf formats. Please submit your photos in jpg or giff format and include them as a seperate attatchment to your document article. We will insert them into the document when we format the post. Thank you for your attention to posting guidelines as it saves us time in having to have you resend your submissions.

Now take my hand and lets step into the shadows of Mississippi and explore!

Happy Hauntings!


McRaven Tour Home, Vicksburg, MS

by Brian Riley- MPI Vicksburg


Seated in Vicksburg, Mississippi, behind a large wrought-iron gate and an overgrowth of bushes and weeds, sits Mississippi’s most haunted home McRaven Tour Home. Looking at it from the outside, one would think that it is home to restless spirits, and that person could not be more right.

The history of McRaven goes back to 1797, when the Vicksburg area was known as Walnut Hills. The back portion of the home, which consists of a kitchen downstairs and a bedroom above it, was built by a highway bandit named Andrew Glass. He and his brothers would go up and down the Natchez Trace robbing, raping, and murdering those that traveled through the area. Glass’s portion of the home consisted of only two rooms: a downstairs kitchen, and a bedroom above it. The only way you could get upstairs was by ladder, which he pulled up so other bandits and the law would not be able to get to him. One night, when he and his brothers were out wreaking havoc on the Trace, Andrew Glass was mortally wounded by a gunshot. His brother’s got him home to his upstairs bedroom, pulled up the ladder, and so he wouldn’t be hung before he died, Andrew had his wife finish him off.

Years later, in 1836, Sheriff Stephen Howard of Vicksburg, acquired the property, closed in the balcony, added a set of stairs, added a dining room and a bedroom up above it in the Empire style architecture. He also added two side balconies to the home, of which only one remains. Sheriff Howard’s wife, Mary Elizabeth, died in their upstairs bedroom a day or two after giving birth to their son. A couple of years after his wife’s death, he left McRaven.

                             Mary Elizabeth’s Bed at the McRaven House

The final part of McRaven was built in 1849 by John H. Bobb, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Bobb added a front entry area facing the railroad tracks that runs in front of the home, parlor, flying wing staircase, upstairs bedroom, and gentlemen’s dressing room. In 1863, Union General Ulysses S. Grant laid siege to Vicksburg for 47 days. During those 47 days, McRaven was used as a hospital for both Union and Confederate soldiers. A year after the siege, Mr. Bobb was out walking the grounds and came across some Union soldiers destroying his prized rose bushes. Some reports say that Mr. Bobb threw a brick at one of them, knocking him down. The soldier swore vengeance on him. Later that night, the soldier came back with some buddies, took Mr. Bobb down to a small creek at the edge of the property, and shot him repeatedly, killing him. Mrs. Bobb soon put McRaven up for sale and left Vicksburg.

McRaven stood vacant until 1886, when William H. and Ellen Flynn Murray bought it. The Murray’s was the only known family to have raised kids there. They had three boys and four girls. William Murray died in 1911 and his wife in passed in1921. Their children kept the family home running until the remaining ones in Mississippi had passed. In 1946, Ida passed away, and then in 1950, one of the sons followed. This is when the two spinster sisters, Ella and Annie Murray lived in McRaven until 1960. The two ladies were viewed as odd around Vicksburg, and they were also hoarders. Ella passed away in 1960 at the age of 81, and Annie put the home up for sale after moving into a nursing home where she passed away a few years later.

When McRaven was put up for sale, a lot of the town residents didn’t even know there was a home behind all the overgrowth. Some didn’t know that it was a 2-story home. The vines took over so bad on the second floor that vines broke the glass growing through one window, and broke the glass out of another.

McRaven was sold in 1960 to the Bradley family, who restored and put on tour. National Geographic Magazine called the home the “Time capsule of the South” because there was still no running water in the home. The only modern conveniences added were a telephone and a few electrical plug-in. The home was also placed on the National Register of Historic Homes.

In 1984, Leyland French, bought the home, and was the first person to live in the home since 1960.

With so much history on the grounds, and within the walls of McRaven you can’t be surprised that the home is haunted. The first reported incident was actually a year after the siege of Vicksburg. A reporter for the Vicksburg Herald wrote the story of a turncoat Confederate soldier appearing to the Union soldiers that occupied McRaven after the siege. That same soldier has been seen many times in the parlor, and out on the front porch.

He isn’t the only one that has been seen. There have been written accounts from tourists, tour guides, the current owner, his family and friends as well as a few paranormal investigating groups that have conducted investigations there. A few of the spirits identified in the home have been Andrew Glass, Mary Elizabeth Howard, a young slave boy, Mr. Bobb, Mr. Murray, Ella and Annie Murray, and a few other soldiers from the time of the 1863 siege.

The encounters Leyland French had were so bad that they led him to contact a local Episcopal priest and had the house blessed. One encounter was when he saw Mr. Murray following him up the staircase. French turned and looked, noticed Murray from the pictures, and ran into the bedroom. Soon after, French was walking across the parlor when an unseen force pushed him face first to the floor, breaking his glasses. French had to have stitches around one eye. Some time went by with no physical altercations until a drawer was slammed shut on French’s thumbs, breaking one of them. After that, he bought a small home down the street, and lived in it.

The blessing did help get rid of some of the negative activity in McRaven. Some of the encounters were unnerving for a few tour guides. One tour guide fell asleep on the sofa in the entry area, and when he woke up, Mr. Bobb was standing over him staring. The tour guide wan out and quit on the spot. Doors would slam, lights flicker on and off, the alarm would go off in the middle of the night, and sightings of the former occupants.

For me, I worked there as a tour guide in 2001. Every day was different, but a day would not go by without experiencing something. In the 1797 bedroom, I always got a feeling of not being wanted in there. One day, Glass showed me that he didn’t want people in his room when a chair tilted back and slammed forward. Mr. Bobb showed himself to me twice. One was during one of my tours in the parlor. As I was talking, he appeared behind the group I was giving the tour to. The other time was early one morning when I opened the door and saw him standing there. I had a tour group in the 1836 bedroom, and the door on the armoire began to open and close by itself. I remember looking at it, thinking that there may be a logical reason for it to do that, but there wasn’t. Another time I was giving a tour in the same room. I was standing by the bed, and was talking about Mary Elizabeth Howard. As I was talking, an impression was made on the bed as if someone sat there. It remained there until I stopped talking about her.

The encounter that led me to conduct a paranormal investigation happened at closing one night. I was going from room to room turning the lights off. As I walked into the 1836 bedroom, I saw a teenage girl standing in the middle of the spinning wheel looking out of the window. I guess I made some kind of noise making her to take notice of me and disappearing. I immediately called my team, Mississippi Paranormal Society, and we had an in-prompt-to investigation. That night when we were setting up equipment and waited for dark, the activity picked up. All four members had personal experiences from hearing footsteps, having a door slammed in our face and behind us, and two of us were scratched. I got mine on my shoulder, and another got his on the lower back. When we went over audio and video, we had hard evidence to show that McRaven is the most haunted home in Mississippi. We got 4 video clips and over 50 EVPs with a 7 hour investigation. I have never had that much evidence from one investigation before or since.

As a final note, Leyland French no longer lives in Vicksburg, and has McRaven up for sale. He is no longer opening the home up for tours as well as paranormal investigations. Word is that he had let some parts of the insurance on the home laps.

To read more from Brian Riley or to check out the Mississippi Paranormal Society in Vicksburg go here: http://mississippiparanormalsociety.weebly.com/

Coming off the heels of several historically relevant investigations, including one in Greenville, MS during a time when flood waters were reaching the highest they had ever been (thankfully the levee’s held this time), and the next a site in an old hotel in Jackson where Bonnie Blue Flag was only a hairsbreadth from the battlefield of Jackson and where battery exploded killing women and children, the Mississippi Chapter of SPARS invaded Vicksburg, MS.


On Memorial Day weekend, MS SPARS along with Truthseekers, a Vicksburg based paranormal group, investigated the house of Dr. William H. Lindley as well as the entrenchment and sniper lines held by the 57th Georgia Infantry between which the home is nestled. We were joined by the Crystal Springs SCV, Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Walking onto the site, with the honor flags flying and the soldiers fully uniformed and armed, witnessing them marching in the footsteps of their long gone brethren was a sight to behold. You would catch them out of the corner of your eye and get chills as you were faced with an eerie echo of the past as the fully-uniformed soldiers walked onto the site paying homage to their long lost brethren.


The SCV Commanding officer read off an honor list of the 57th that died in Vicksburg, as a stirring rendition of “I am Their Flag” was performed. Ultimately, under the orders from their commander, they were called to the line and to the staccato rhythm played out by their regimental drummer, 3 volleys were shot in memory of those who died. The sound of muskets and drums echoed across the hills and gullies that make up the lay of the land as the smoke faded away, the haunting strains of Dixie played.


The principle site was a house, built in the 1960’s, by William H. Lindley a well-known, much-beloved veterinarian who raised his family and ran his practice out of his home.

It is unknown how much Dr. Lindley knew about the history of the land on which he had settled. I imagine that he had to know a good bit considering his property butts up against the Vicksburg National Battlefield Park. One could imagine that he believed that it was not only a wonderful place to make a home as well as an equally important part of history.


The house itself was built across the line that separated the 57th Georgia Infantry from the Union soldiers. The 57th would hold this ground for less than two months, with many dying from wounds, disease, and exposure. The history and the horrors that took place in and around Vicksburg are widely known. The stories that remain tell of a war that was far from civil. Soldiers and civilians alike were all but starved and shelled out of the besieged city. People survived on their own meager stores, livestock, pets, and eventually rats. The Union Generals must have known that capturing this particular port city was a line in the sand they had to draw. They could not allow the Confederates to retake and drive the Federal forces back across.

On July 4th, 1863, the property that would be Dr. Lindley’s was the site at which Lieutenant General John Pemberton surrendered the starving and exhausted Georgia Infantry. Ultimately those who endured the atrocities in Vicksburg were held as POW’s, then eventually paroled and allowed to return to their respective homes. Some of those who didn’t survive seem are thought to remain on the property still patrolling, still guarding picket lines, still hunting Union soldiers, and sadly still haunting the land and cause they gave their lives for.

 They have been trapped in the ether of time, neither truly dead nor truly alive. Their energy, forced by an odd mix of physics and emotional imprinting has left them continuing their service to the Confederacy and coexisting along a parallel plane with those of us who live today.


SPARS Southern Paranormal & Anomaly Research Society was founded by Paula Hayes in 2006.

 With her drive and determination, Paula encouraged teams and SPARS quickly spread through out the South with chapters popping up in North and South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Texas, and Tennessee. We are also happy to report that late last year SPARS “jumped the pond” and formed our first team in the United Kingdom.

SPARS is diverse team of individuals with different backgrounds including science, history, and film making. We all have a common interest and goal which is the research and study of paranormal activity.

The individuals that make up SPARS are knowledgeable and professional. Altogether we have well over 30 years combined experience in residential, business, and battleground haunts. We perform thorough histories and background research on each case. We do NOT charge clients to investigate or research hauntings.

While we have extensive knowledge and backgrounds in different cultures and religions, we enter each investigation with a scientific view rather than a spiritual view. Our technical team is on the cutting edge of creating and improving equipment to aid us in our investigations.

SPARS Founder Paula Hayes and Mississippi coordinator Cheryl Mitchell were featured along with footage captured in a private residence by our Mississippi team in the current season of Biography’s My Ghost Story.

We are proud members of the TAPS family. South Carolina, Mississippi, & Georgia are the TAPS referral teams for their areas.

Carla Lynn Garth
MS SPARS Chapter Historian~Paranormal Investigator


Southern Paranormal & Anomaly Research Society



Whew we have been busy this month! David and Shelly Beard of MSSPI attended The Paranormal Celebration, held in Pearl, MS on May 14th at Java Ink. We had a booth promoting our group and education in the paranormal as well as promoting our friends in the paranormal community. This event was a great success and we met numerous new friends and got to spend time with some old ones.                                                                                                                             The vendors there ranged from some of Mississippi’s most talented artist, photographers, mask makers, comic book artists (such as James Powell, Oliver Twisted, Roman Merry, Chris Russell, and Andy Childress), and a few of Mississippi’s finest horror authors (Ben Shi, and Alexander S. Brown). If you missed this event you missed a good one. There will be plenty more throughout the year so stay tuned to our websites, newsletters, and facebook page for details on upcoming events.

Speaking of events, if you haven’t already done so, what are you waiting for! In just a few short weeks The Haunted America Conference will be kicking off the weekend of June 10th through 11th at the historic Jacksonville College in Jacksonville, Illinois. There is still time to register for this event and numerous afterhours events at http://www.americanspookshows.com They have a great line up of speakers this year so don’t wait any longer! We hope to see you there as this will be one of “THE” conferences to be at this year.

MSSPI conducted a preliminary of a private residence in Panola County on May 6th and have scheduled the investigation for May 21st. Claims include, voices, shadows and several other claims.

We are still in review of the Ellisville, MS. case which has been investigated twice by our Hattiesburg Team Members , as well as the Southaven, MS-  Z House case in which Investigation #4 is in review. Stay tuned to the website for updates on these cases.

Read this months Case File News Update of new info on the Z House Case History Report, regarding The Death of The Heath Brothers and MSSPI’s latest findings, in this months Featured Posts.

The cemetery clean up at Old Philadelphia Presbyterian Cemetery, held in April was a success and members of MSSPI did a great job raking leaves and planting some small flower-beds. We were also able to use last years mulch piles to fill in some of the open crypt graves. Two of which had their caskets exposed. We are happy to finally be able to fill them in. We will be scheduling another cleanup soon, so if you wanna help out just drop us an email.

Check Out Whats New on the MSSPI Main Website

*New Ghost Story of The Month- The LaLaurie House by Troy Taylor. Click below to view.


*New Photo of the Month submission by David Beard of MSSPI on The Haunted Stuckey Bridge. Click below to view.


*This Months MSSPI Team Spotlight goes to Jen Cooper- Jen has been a full time member and Investigator with MSSPI since January 2008. She assist our Case Managers with Historical Research as well as participates actively with our investigation team.

Jen was recently instrumental in helping find new research on our ongoing, Z House Case. We appreciate all her hard work and dedication to our team and our clients. Her enthusiasm for researching history and the paranormal is contagious. Thank You Jen from the Team at MSSPI!

Don’t forget to check out this month’s feature post Truthseekers Paranormal of Vicksburg in our featured post link at right.

News Update May 2011
Z House investigation MSSPI Case #1003 
The Tragic Death of the Heath Brothers

by Angela L – MSSPI

As many of you may already know, the Z House Case #1003 in Southaven Mississippi, has been a very active case for us since we began investigating it in the spring of 2010. Most every investigator on our team, who has been to the location, has had some sort of personal experience in the home, from seeing shadows to hearing voices, smelling phantom smells, to being touched, as well as recordings of some great EVP. The name Billy Heath has been recorded on several occasions at the location and was verified by neighbors who knew him, as well as, by land records at the Hernando courthouse, which listed him as the orignal homeowner when the house was built-in the 1960s.

On May 6th, 2011, MSSPI researchers, Angela L and Jen Cooper made a second trip to the Hernando Courthouse to do some further research on the Z House Case. They discovered a document in the land records office with a death date on it of May 14, 1975, for the orignal owner of the property, Mr. William {Billy} Heath.
With this new information, our researchers were able to move forward with their digging. After spending some time in the Newspaper Archives room in Desoto County, they found an article related to the death of William Franklin Heath and his younger brother, Jerry Wayne Heath. They were also able to locate the obituary which had surviving family member names and the name of the cemetery where the Heath Brothers are buried.

According to the 1975 Desoto Times Newspaper article , Billy Heath age 36 and his brother Jerry Wayne age 29, had been on a fishing trip at a lake near Tunica, Mississippi around May 14th, 1975. When they did not return from their trip, a search party was sent out to find them. Their boat was located on May 16th, 1975, however the body of Jerry Wayne was not found until May 26th and the body of Billy was located on May 27, 1975, about a quarter of a mile from where the boat was discovered. The exact cause of the accident was not reported in the article and the actual circumstances surrounding their deaths remains a mystery.

On May 14, 2011,{ the 36 year anniversary weekend of the tragedy}  MSSPI team members, Angela , Jen C. , James and Katie made a visit to the Memory Gardens Cemetery in Memphis Tn. { formerly known as Mt Vernon  Memorial Gardens} to locate the headstones, take some photographs and put some flowers on their graves.
We were delighted to find the location of the stones in the Everlasting Life Section of the cemetery, thanks to the research of our team member Katie, who assisted us by locating their plots.

Angela thought it was ironic that the Everlasting Life section is directly next to the Garden of Roses Section, since one of the experiences in a recent investigation involved the strong, phantom smell of roses, which was also backed up by an EVP at the time it was experienced.

We felt as if we were visiting a close friend, although some of the team were not even born at the time of the Heath Tragedy. However, many of us have spent a great deal of time, researching the stories behind the history of the Z House and countless hours evaluating data, audio and video files. We feel like the spirits of the Z House are part of our family .

We have discovered that Billy Heath had been a railroad brakeman for the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad Co { Now merged with Canadian National Railroad} and his brother Jerry Wayne, was a railroad brakeman for the Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.
The current homeowner of the Z house was surprised to hear this news, as he reported to Angela that, for the past several weeks he’d had an unexplainable urge and fascination with researching trains on the internet. A subject he had never had much of an interest in, until the past few months. But at the time, he did not make any connection to the activity he has been experiencing in the home.

 Could this have been some sort of subliminal message from the spirit of Billy in an effort to give the homeowner a clue about his life? We can’t say for sure, but we do think it is an odd coincidence.

MSSPI researchers are currently in the process of reviewing some new leads in Tunica County related to the tragic deaths of the Heath Brothers.

We have several other names from the past year of investigations that remain on our research plate regarding this case, but we are most pleased that we have been able to validate the circumstances related to the time and date of death of Billy Heath and his brother Jerry Wayne with some valid documentation.

Our fascination with this case is on going and we look forward to learning more about the Heath Brothers. We are especially interested in seeing some photographs of the Heath Brothers when they were living. Investigations of activity at the Z House will continue indefinitely so long as the current homeowner is willing to allow us to continue in his home. We appreciate the opportunity to be involved in this most fascinating case.

Our sincere condolences to the Heath Family. We love Billy as if we had known him.

If you have any information related to the Heath Brothers, their lives, family or their accident, Please contact Angela at angelamsspi@gmail.com

To listen to some of our EVP clips from the Z House , visit the case files page on the main website at www.mississippi-spi.com

In June 2005, David Childers and Steven Ellis founded GHX or Ghost Hunters Xtreme .On a hot summer night the two guys and a group of 6 decided they wanted to try out this paranormal kick that was going around. So they loaded up in a green Astro Van and headed to a local cemetery armed with nothing but 3 recorders, an IR camera, 3 flashlights, and a digital camera.When the group arrived at the abandoned, grown-up cemetery they noticed a thickness in the air and the creepiness of the moss hanging from the willow tree as the light of the full moon reflected off of it. After about 3 hours of multiple questions and picture-taking, the group decided to head home and go over the evidence. After an hour of listening to the recorders we came across a woman’s voice responding to this question. “Did you die in anguish?” The response was “No!” Now keep in mind there was not one single female with us on this particular evening. This was a Class A evp!!!! This sent chills up our spines and from then on we were hooked.

Over the next 4 years we have investigated numerous homes, cemeteries, and local area Landmarks. These would include: Linden Plantation, McRaven, Duff Green Mansion, an old civil war hospital, and so on. In 2009 the group began to fall out of touch with one another. David decided to change the name and move investigating the paranormal to the next level. This is when he met Jennifer Lacey of T.S.P.R.I. Vermont. The Mississippi Chapter of Truthseekers Paranormal Research and Investigation was born. Over the next few years, T.S.P.R.I. Mississippi Chapter has investigated with some great groups such as CSPR, SPARS, MPS, and soon to come Shadowseekers. We have had some great investigations and tons of evidence. We also enjoy interacting with our community by way of charity events, parades, and volunteer work. The group has come a long way over the years and we are looking forward to the future. The future of investigating new places with new teams. Thanks to all who have been there with us present and past your support is the backbone that makes our dream possible. Happy Hunting!!!

Special Thanks to my team : Brandi Tarver, Bobby Rufus, Elizabeth Coody, Wayne Childers, and Rob Hood.

Co-Founder David Childers

Truthseekers Paranormal Research and Investigations

Vicksburg, MS

A Paranormal Holiday

by Angela Burke- MSSPI Co Founder

Easter is a Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the greatest paranormal ghost story ever told.

After the crucifixion, the body of Jesus was laid in a tomb owned by a man named Nicodemus. A large stone was rolled in front of the tomb entrance and Roman Guards were placed outside the door of the tomb to guard it from thieves and grave robbers. But the guards were striken by angels into a deep sleep and when they awoke, the stone had been rolled away and the body of Jesus was gone.

On the third day after the death of Jesus, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb before the sun rose. When she arrived at the tomb, she saw that the stone had been rolled away and the body of Jesus was missing, and only his grave-clothes remained. She began to cry and weep, because she believed that someone had stolen his body. Two angels appeared to Mary Magdalene and asked her why she was weeping. The angels informed Mary Magdalene that Jesus had risen. Then Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene in the form of a spirit. Later that day, after Mary Magdalene had gone back and told the disciples that she had seen Jesus, Some of the disciples also went to the tomb and saw that Jesus’s body was no longer there.

Jesus appeared to them as well. But Thomas was not there to see it. So naturally, he was skeptical. (Thus the term, Doubting Thomas). Then 8 days later, Jesus appeared to Thomas also and when he saw Jesus, he became a believer. Sound familiar. It seems that we all have a need to see it, to believe it. Jesus supposedly appeared in the form of a spirit to over 500 people before finally crossing over into heaven. You can read the full story of the Resurrection of Jesus and his appearance as an apparition, in The Holy Bible, in John chapters 20 & 21.

If we are to believe that the Bible is true, then we must accept that Jesus himself, appeared after his death and resurrection in the form of a spirit or a ghost. The Bible is filled with paranormal events and ghost stories. The appearance of Jesus as a spirit, when he had been witnessed by hundreds as being dead and then by hundreds as a resurrected spirit, I think, is fascinating and should be a must read for anyone interested in the subjects of the paranormal. Whether you believe the Bible to be true or not, it has some awesome ghost stories.

The resurrection of Jesus and his appearance to his followers and many others, is a paranormal event worth a celebration and remembrance. So, on behalf of the Mississippi Society of Paranormal Investigators, I wish you all a wonderful, safe and happy Easter Holiday, whether you believe it or not.

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